Welcome to Mortgage Avenue.
I'm Mike Louden

Homeownership. A place you can call your own. It is where you can put down roots and live and create your most treasured memories. It is the American dream. Few things are as rewarding as the feeling of being in a home that you can call your own.

Mortgage Avenue helps you navigate the ins and outs of qualifying for and securing a home loan. Founder and home-financing expert Mike Louden educates and coaches you on financing options and helps you determine the type of home you can afford.

Unlike the impersonal online mortgage companies where you need to fit neatly into their “box” to qualify, we work hard to take care of our customers. We like to meet you in person and learn about your desires, whether you are a first-time buyer moving from the city to the suburbs, are starting a new family, or are empty nesters trying to find a right-sized home.

Sometimes the road to homeownership can get a little rough. Bad credit, divorce, student loan debt, job changes, or just starting out can become roadblocks to getting financing for buying your home. It is easy to make a wrong turn and feel like you have reached a financial dead-end. That is when you need Mortgage Avenue. We help you get yourself back on track and map out a course to your Dream Street.

We enjoy helping people who cannot get a qualified or traditional mortgage. Regardless of your situation, we will work with you to get the most competitive rates and structure a loan that is best for you. With more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, we know the alternatives to securing a home mortgage, even for people challenged by low credit scores or financial crisis.

If you believe you cannot own your own home, it may not be true. At Mortgage Avenue, we know the way to get there. If you feel you are not creditworthy, have income issues or gaps in employment, we can work out a route to improve your credit and get a fresh start.

We have a passion for homeownership here at Mortgage Avenue. We know the feeling it brings and want to make it possible for anyone who shares that dream. Mortgage Avenue is in Shakopee, just south of the Twin Cities in the heart of the beautiful Minnesota River Valley. We live here and enjoy being part of the same community as many of our customers. Mortgage Avenue is a two-way street, where we make sure getting a home loan is always a positive experience for everyone who comes our way.